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Chairperson's Message

The past year has been a trying time for the world economy led by the crash of the giants of American business and the trickle down effect has now reached India. The result has been the slowdown in growth and the accompanying malaise of job loss and depression. The downturn has come as a reminder to all of us that we cannot take the good times for granted and that we must be prepared to take on the lean times with courage and determination.


At Indira we feel this is a particularly opportune time to learn to take the tough times by the horns and sharpen our skills to meet just such eventualities. After all, there is nothing better than learning on-the job, and what can be better than learning to outdo the slowdown when it is actually happening. This will surely give the ambitious student the wherewithal to overcome and finally emerge a winner when the dark clouds of depression eventually fade away.


It is an oft repeated truism that companies that invest in marketing efforts during the lean times, are the ones that stand to gain the most when the times change. So is the case with the student who makes the effort to update his skills set with the latest in knowledge to reap the rich harvest of the good times. And who better than Indira to impart this critical knowledge to make a true winner out of you After all, as the cliché goes – tough times do not last, tough men do!

My best wishes to you.


Dr. Tarita Shankar,
Indira Group of Institutes, Pune.